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TM Medoff - smooth vodka number 1
Feature soft taste with slight bitterness of classic vodka TM Medoff is achieved through a unique filter technology " honey rain ." The taste of the drink matures under the influence of micro-particles of honey, which is considered a unique natural filter. The secret of the special softness of vodka Medoff many years kept private British technologists alcohol companies . Back in 1902 in England was first brought successful experiment of cleaning alcohol honey. And these days the secret special technology was discovered and implemented in the formulation of classical vodka TM Medoff.
The innovative filtering system allows you to clean drink at the molecular level, and unique filtration principle "honey rain" - a natural way to rid of the unwanted components vodka. Post-treatment with 10-tiurovnevoy system allows you to completely clean and soft drink. Vodka TM Medoff passes crystal and polishing filtration and purification of silver, allowing you to keep it stable and high taste and crystal clear.

Medoff - this is a special mild flavor that is appreciated by thousands of Ukrainians. And this choice is not random!
High quality and softness of vodka Medoff was confirmed by many national and international awards. At prestigious international exhibitions vodka Medoff was presented with the highest scores for taste and quality. Awards such exhibitions as the United Vodka, «ProdExpo", and the title of the brand of the year - this is the highest praise for the excellent quality of work and on the creation of the product.