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Personnel policy

The company «Consalcom» SRL provides the opportunity for personal and professional development and growth of each of its employee. Whether you're a student or a seasoned professional, you are probably interested in career opportunities we offer. Are you interested in our announcement with vacant positions? If the answer is "yes", then feel free to submit your on-line profile here. Please specify the vacant position for which you are applying for.

The growth and development of the company is closely linked to the success of our employees. The system of selection and promotion of the company is based on the values of assessment tools , behavioral and functional competencies of employees as well as their potential for growth and development. The decision to hire or promote employees on the career ladder is based on the principles of matching the profile of the position and adopted by consensus of all members of the selection process.

The first step – the contest summary and a detailed telephone interviews with staff of the Department of Human Resources.
The second step – the professional interviews with representatives of selected units, in which the estimated professional knowledge and skills of the candidate, his ability to solve actual problems.
At the final step selected two or three most suitable candidates who are invited for an interview with the immediate supervisor unit.
Job offer, we are willing to do after the approval of the nomination of a new director of the employee.